Hi there!

This site serves mainly as a gallery for my projects and hacks. Enjoy.

Laser cut boxes with living hinges

Originally built as my engagement ring box, this Inkscape plugin generates small boxes. It uses simple tabs as compression fittings, so no glue or nails needed. It also allows you to specify one of several living hinge designs.

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Arduino driven magnetic levitator

This project implemented a simple PID controller on an Arduino (and eventually a bare ATMega328) controlling an electromagnet to keep an object suspended in mid-air without a means of support. It uses a linear hall effect sensor and was mostly intended as an introduction to simple magnetism and control systems.

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Building STL models from USGS datasets

For Christmas 2014 I built a set of projects using natural terrain maps of Starlight, PA. This tutorial demonstrates how to extract topographic data from the USGS datasets and create an STL from them.

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Etching silver charms with a CO2 laser

The first project was simple silver bracelet charms in a modified form of Starlight's terrain map. The charms were then etched with simple figures with personal meaning. The etchings were created using Ferric Nitrate and a mask produced using a computer controlled CO2 laser.

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Lightweight metal casting from FDM prints

The second project used the Starlight terrain map to build a light metal casting in lead-free pewter. Different mould materials were tested, and a wooden base plate was engraved with a message and scale information.

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